D. Taner Halıcıoğlu
(address avail on request)
email: resume@taner.net
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Keywords: perl, DBI, C, DNS, bind, named, sendmail, postfix, php, mysql, Oracle, LDAP, Linux, BGP, OSPF, Cisco, Juniper, Force10, Foundry, SNMP, NTP, RAID 0/1/5/0+1/10, apache, thttpd, irc, MRTG, RRDTool, cricket, ssh

Was the first (only) official operations person for the early months of the site growth, as I helped grow the site over its first 1M members and beyond. (Over 300M active users when I left in 2009)
Responsibilities included Linux system administration (from OS install, to apache and mysql setup, to system tuning and troubleshooting), some PHP development, perl scripting, network setup and troubleshooting (Juniper and Force10, some Foundry), datacenter "hunting" as well as some architecture/layout. Worked on DNS server (setup/admin) and mail server system (the architecture and maintenance of the inbound, outbound, and bounce processing, systems). Wore several other "hats" as well (networking, etc).
Was an integral part of the Monitoring Tools team, where responsibilities included developing in-house monitoring tools as well as integrating commercial products into the eBay architecture.
Owned the DNS project - design and deployment of DNS servers, a front-end GUI, and the back-end database. (bind 8.x, and some 9.x, Linux, Oracle, perl+perlDBI/DBD)
Helped set up company mail servers and mail relays (sendmail 8.x)
General troubleshooting help (sysadmin-related) for Linux and Solaris (2.6, 2.7, 2.8) machines.
General network-related troubleshooting help
Frontier Globalcenter:
System Administration of Solaris (2.5, 2.5.1, 2.6, 7), BSDI (2.x, 3.x), IRIX (5.x, 6.x), and Linux.
Network Administration of Cisco routers (25xx, 75xx, and 12xxx series) and switches (catalyst 5000, 55xx, 26xx); BGP, OSPF, some ISIS, ISL/Trunking, VLANs, TACACS+, SecurID. Configuration/testing of Frame Relay, ATM and HDLC DS3, Packet Over Sonet (POS) OC3, OC12, OC48 circuits.
Extensive Programming/scripting in C, perl, shell. Developed a Network Statistics poller (similar to 'MRTG') and distributed polling system to gather statistics on ~18k network interfaces. Experience with perl DBI, SNMP, and CGI modules.
Extensive Network Troubleshooting.
HTML authoring and CGI scripting for a product, involving database accessing from CGI scripts, and extensive use of HTML forms, as well as perl DBI routines.
System administration - in the Workstation Services division. Installation and support of nearly 100 workstations, ranging from Sun to SGI to Dec. Some programming in C and scripting in Perl and various shells. (See technical details at end of resume.)
Teaching Assistant for the CSE 80 (UNIX Lab) course where students learned about shells and shell scripting. I held office hours where I answered students' specific questions, as well as a discussion section where general questions were answered.
Worked on a World Wide Web homepage for the ME2CA project which involved extensive HTML authoring. Technical and Staff support - helping users with software and hardware problems (both Mac and PC); installing new software; maintaining Appletalk, Token Ring and Ethernet networks; and evaluating security and virus protection software.
Computer Consultant:
Problem solving (e.g., Installing current software versions and optimizing system equipment).
Use and system administration of the Linux operating system (UNIX for Intel PC's). Everything from installation to administration, including security issues. Voluntary setup and maintenance of the UCSD IRC server, which later moved to SDSC and ultimately to CERFNet before being decomissioned (see details at the end of resume).