just for fun: 407ci big block chevy in a first gen. camaro on E.T. Streets

Accord on nitrous (14:1X) gets 5 flying

gave this blower mudstain the move for $50... he tried some tricks, but it was useless. The Panzer Wagen does not differentiate... it is a killing machine :P

I meant to sandbag this one... that F150 was getting everyone out of the hole, so I just had to make an example of him

Took an LS1 for $40

the mustang got 6 cars, but I got the move... just plain stupid

turn up the sound cause this Nova sounds SWEET!!

oops... that's what happens when you get in your audi after driving the camaro at the track all day. Oh, but I did take some cash from a TT supra later that night

toying with this lame ass Rousch

you make the call as to whether or not I was sandbagging. If it helps, I tried to hit him up for some cash after the race

yeah that stroked, carbuerated, vette didn't like that too much :)

I gave this WS6 with an auto one car and the move